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about-corps-socialABOUT CORPS SOCIAL

Just as I joined Peace Corps to make the world a better place, I created Corps Social to make the post-service world a more connected place.  It aims to meet the needs of volunteers and the like-minded – a place to share that altruism, independence, worldliness – or maybe just to exchange stories.

It seems that every volunteer knows someone who found romance during his or her service.  You’re far from home, away from friends and family, in another culture – who wouldn’t want a companion who understands and cares and wants to share the experience?  And if you don’t find him or her while you’re serving, when you return you still want someone who is on the same wavelength.  My conversations with fellow Peace Corps volunteers, both during and after my service, convinced me that this is a deep yearning.  Maybe volunteering was a short-term experience for you and you’ve now gone on to do other things – somehow, it’s still something that goes to your core.

So I decided to do something about it!  I pictured myself continuing my service by working for a non-profit, NGO or the government.  But after hearing, “there should be a dating site for RPCVs,” from several directions, I researched the topic and saw the opportunity for a niche site for not only the thousands of RPCVs but also anyone who has had an immersive volunteer experience, or anyone who shares the same values.  And I still consider myself to be doing service – I’m helping people!

I pre-populated the site with similar people so that early joiners would have a selection of people to consider.  As time goes on and the word gets out, we’ll build up a critical mass of people who join Corps Social.  I hope you enjoy the web site and meet some wonderful people!

Thank you.

About Corps Social October 1, 2013