Corps Social – Dating with a Purpose

There is something very special about dating someone who has also served as a Peace Corps volunteer. A human is so shaped and informed by his or her experience overseas, that it can only take another PCV to fully understand. We share something special, then, now, and for the rest of our lives.

– V., RPCV Philippines

Awwwww this is awesome!! I am moving soon. I am sure I will be using your services!

– M., RPCV Morocco

This is an awesome idea…seriously, well done.

– D., RPCV Chad

I think that’s a really neat and great idea. I would definitely join since I am beginning to think about looking for love.

– V., RPCV Morocco

What a glorious thing to wake up to. (X) has witnessed my attempts to use OK Cupid last year, and I of course was searching for RPCVs on it. Will join this as soon as it’s live! Great idea!

– RPCV Morocco

Brilliant! I will join!

– L., RPCV Philippines

(Y)our dating site… is a laudable enterprise and is much needed.

– M., RPCV Romania

Awesome! Can’t wait to check it out!

– S., RPCV Armenia

This is a great idea. I have been dating, but I find that my experiences in Morocco make me look for someone far different than most women look for in a man.

– S., RPCV Morocco

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Testimonials June 20, 2013